After having lots of fun last time, I decided to participate in another Ludum Dare. This time the theme was “Running out of Power” which I didn’t particular like but oh well. I’ve started working for the first ~4-8 hours on a metroidvania style game where the general idea of my core mechanic was to “scale with energy” and having everything reduce your energy, which didn’t come together at all (also I realised my crappy pixel art works even worse with humans :D). After that I scrapped my initial idea and repurposed that mechanic into a different game, which I called: “Energy Tank Arena”.

You’re basically an “energy powered” tank: Shooting bullets depletes energy, getting hit depletes energy and getting hit while not having enough energy means you die. Your tank also scales with its current energy pool, meaning your tank is faster, your bullets are faster (also higher knockback) while on high energy and the less you have (which will inevitably happen because you have to spent it in order to defeat your enemies) the lower your overal “stats”, which in my opinion fits the theme quite well. Around 6 hours before the end of submission time, something came up and I had to release it early… I wanted to add a bit more varied gameplay as having only one (stupid) enemy type is rather boring. But well, I’m happy with how the tank controls turned out and learned a few new things about the game engine I used Godot (which I sadly haven’t touched since LD38), but at the same time I’m disappointed that the game didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped it would, with only 1 enemy type and nothing interesting happen except for just more enemies spawning. Maybe next time ;).

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